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I fix broken numbers.

I fix broken numbersMonday Morning Doodles

I’m getting ready to fix some numbers.  No major surgery today, just a regular check-up.

I have to seriously downsize this year.  I have been keeping everything related to my taxes forever.  It’s time that this stuff goes! I have to tell you that it’s fun to see some of this stuff like …..Did you know that I made $727 the first year I worked?   I was 14 and worked that summer at Dairy Whip.  I didn’t work the whole summer because I also made bridesmaid dresses for my sister’s wedding.   Fun to find  but there is a better place for a time capsule.

OK, back to downsizing.  I’ve been sorting through files and envelopes but have spent hours going through and separating what needs to be shredded (social security numbers, cancelled checks) and stuff that can be tossed (receipts  with no cc #’s,  donation receipts, notes, worksheets).

I’ve reduced it down to ONE file box.  It will get smaller when I scan the returns.  I have two trash bags to toss and two file boxes full to bring to be securely  shredded.  It’s too much work for my poor little office shredder.


When you file away your tax documents this year think of your future self.  Separate the items that need to be shredded and those that can be thrown in the trash.

A Strong Foundation

Big rocks can become a strong foundation to build upon.


I have declared March-Big Rocks Month.   

What does that mean?    I’ve discovered that it means many things.  I will talk about some of those things throughout the month.

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A major goal of Simply Numbers is to give small business owners skills and confidence to control their own numbers.  Bookkeeping is often neglected when creating a business.  Accurate numbers are essential  to make good business decisions.    I love to see people gain control and realized that it’s simply numbers

Rebecca’s story makes me smile.  I met Rebecca Metz  at a networking event when we were both in the early days of Simply Numbers and Modern Inconveniences.   Rebecca had bought  QuickBooks on the recommendation of a salesperson.   She had the tools but needed the system to get all of her miscellaneous receipts and accounts tamed.  We spend a few months off & on working together to get a working system.   Soon, she didn’t need me anymore for the routine stuff.  She could invoice, write checks, and make deposits with ease.   At that point, she went on my monthly R&R plan monthly (Reconciliation & Review) plan.   I would reconcile her accounts , ask & answer  questions, and help with ongoing training as needed.  At the end of the year I also helped  with 1099s, sales tax reporting, and getting information ready for the tax preparer.

A little more time passed, business was good,  and Rebecca hired Jennifer to help with entering the receipts and PayPal transactions.  I continued to do the R&R but I also started to train Jennifer on the ins and outs of QuickBooks.

Last spring I found that out they really didn’t need me much anymore.  Jennifer was mastering account reconciliations and the nuances of QuickBooks.  It was time to develop a new package for my graduate.  I now have a Quarterly R&R program.  I will continue to be the go-to person for bookkeeping & QuickBooks related issues. I’ll review the accounts quarterly and help out with the year-end activities.   The bugs should be worked out to offer this program for all in early 2013.

Congrats to Rebecca & Jennifer!

Go, Girls, Go!!

I love it when my clients don’t need me anymore.   Can I help you now?  I now have room for a few more monthly R&R clients.   The timing is perfect. Summer is over.  It’s time to get back to work.  The last month of the 3rd quarter is starting soon.  My initial setup takes care of the current quarter transactions.  Check out www.Simply-Numbers.com for more information.

I love visual explanations.  This one is even pretty enough to print out and post on my bulletin board.


The Accounting Cheat Sheet
The Accounting Cheat Sheet for Small and Micro-Businesses

I recently worked on a fun little project for a client.   My client bought Neat Receipts Scanner and was having a problem importing her receipts into QuickBooks Pro 2010.  I have a Mac version of the NeatReceipts Scanner so I wanted to test out the process on a PC.

I went to The Neat Company http://www.neat.com/products/software/neat-5-for-pc  and downloaded Neat 5 for PC.

I scanned a receipt on my printer/scanner and  Imported  it to Neat 5 for PC. (This would have been a one step process if I had a Neat scanner for PC.) The software is very straightforward.

I then Exported to QuickBooks(direct) the item.  There is also an option to export a whole folder.

The first time you will see confirmation screen.  – There is a great video on Neat.com showing this process.  http://www.neat.com/support/video-tutorials-and-user-guides/neat-5-win/export-to-quickbooks

Now… the tricky QuickBooks part….  At first glance it appears that QuickBooks  missed the account, such as “Office Supplies”  that you had selected  and entered it as Accounts Payable.   QuickBooks actually made 2 entries from the one receipt.

  1. Entered a Bill showing the vendor Office Depot with “Office Supplies” as the Expense.  – You can see this in the vendor center by looking at the vendor – Office Depot and transactions.
  2. Paid the bill with the appropriate bank or credit card account.

I hope that helps.   I’ll be making a step by step video showing what I did.   Let me know if you’d like a copy.

Last week I joined new accounting mail list. It is filled with, well…, ummm… ,  you know… , CPAs, bookkeepers, tax preparers,   auditors, accountants .   I have to take it in small doses.  I am reminded why I decided to escape from that world and join the creative entrepreneurial world.    Accounting is my background, education and skill set but they are not my tribe.

Imagine 200 e-mails one day all talking about various teeny tiny points of how or why something should or should not be classified and recorded.  Who cares?

I replied to one question about how to deal with expenses paid with personal funds.  My goodness!  The feedback I received was immediate and absolute.   “Personal and business expenses should NEVER mix, you must instruct and insist that the client does it the RIGHT way.”    Right equals textbook in this case.

If I want to cover my ears and run away when the accountant speak gets too loud,   I can understand why it makes you run in the other direction .

Your job is to find a way for your dreams and passions to pay the bills and let you take that trip to the Caribbean in January or spend August at the lake.  My job is to help you find a bookkeeping system that works for you.

The important questions about your accounting are:

  1. Are you making any money?
  2. If not, did you plan it that way?
  3. Is your  a** covered at tax time?

It is possible to tame the overwhelm of numbers.



BTW – I did get some comments that others had used my out of the box idea and it worked with their clients as well.

I Feel Your Pain

I have known  for quite some time that I should really start a blog.  I  have notebooks of information.   It’s pretty random but awesome quick tricks, work-arounds, and SIMPLIFIED steps to many bookkeeping and QuickBooks stumbling blocks.  A blog is the perfect vehicle to get this out.

Now the painful part….  setting up the blog.   Give me a bank statement to reconcile any day of the week!  Everyone says how easy blogging is.  Really?  I’ve gone around in circles for days to find the right page to make a tiny change.   Grrr….

I recently took a class from Alison Marks and the mantra from that class was “Done is Better Than Perfect” so here goes.   My first post is done and I’m looking forward to getting the next one done too.   To tell you the truth I’m gong to feel pretty happy with myself if this post appears as it should.  Wish me luck!

C’est la vie!  That’s what makes life great.  We all need each other’s gifts.